Friends At Home

Get Involved With Friends At Home

This weekly program has teenage volunteers spending quality time with children with special needs in the environment the kids are most comfortable and familiar with: their own homes.

A unique bond is established between the volunteers and their friends. The range of activities shared can be anything from baking to arts & crafts, story-time to hide-and-seek. Parents speak glowingly of how the children look forward to these visits; and how they excitedly sit at the window in anticipation of their buddies showing up at the doorstep.

This program is set up by the Friends At Home coordinator and is based on the specific needs of each family. To register your child for the Friends At Home program at no charge click below. Our Friends At Home Coordinator will contact you soon.

August 18th – Welcome Back BBQ
September 22nd – Honey Cake Bake
October 6th – Feel the Power
November 8th – Shabbat Dinner
December 7th – Sport Social
December 23rd – Chanukah at Golden Knights
January 19th – Family Celebration
January 20th – Elad’s Bar Mitzvah
February 9th – Sports Extravaganza
March 9th – Purim Under the Sea
April 5th – Pre-Passover Celebration
May 26th – End of Year Celebration