About Friendship Circle

What does the Friendship Circle do?

The Friendship Circle of Las Vegas is a one of a kind, non-profit, community based organization that initiates and nurtures lasting friendships  for individuals with disabilities and typical peers. First established in 2016, the Friendship Circle has been providing services to a growing number of children in need, introducing new, exciting programs and forging genuine friendships to last a lifetime!

What Makes the Friendship Circle of Las Vegas’ Mission so unique?

Friendship Circle is unique in our completely inclusive approach, allowing member of all abilities to reap the benefits of making friends and spending time together.

What programs does the FC Las Vegas offer?

Friendship Circle Programs guarantee a fun and educational experience in a safe environment. Our programs include monthly family programs, monthly sunday club, monthly young adult get-togethers, weekly friends at home visits, teen workshops and parent events.

Who is the Friendship Circle Program geared towards?

At Friendship Circle, we define special needs as someone who has a hard time making friends, or can benefit from making friends in an inclusive and non-judgmental environment. Our general program accepted ages 3 – 18 years, and eighth – twelfth grade volunteers, and our young adults program geared for ages 18 – 35.

How many participants does Friendship Circle Las Vegas currently have?

We are currently serving about 65 individuals with disabilities and close to 100 volunteers.

Is the Friendship Circle part of a National or International group?

The Friendship Circle of Las Vegas is an independent chapter of Friendship Circle International, which has more than 80 regional chapters worldwide serving children with special needs. Each chapter is individually ran and funded.

How does the Friendship Circle pay for its expenses?

Friendship Circle of Las Vegas is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that receives no financial operating support from any agency. All operating funds are based on financial contributions from individuals, corporations and grants. Sources of revenue include the annual Walk4Friendship, individual and corporate donations, and private donors.

Who guides the Friendship Circle of LV?

Our small, passionate, committed staff is led by key personnel Rabbi Levi Harlig and Nechama Harlig. Together, they have shaped The Friendship Circle as Directors since it’s small pilot program began in 2016.

The FC of Las Vegas  also guided by its Committee of advisory board parents , composed of some local professionals passionate about Friendship Circle, along with community leaders who provide their leadership, knowledge, and support to achieve program goals.

What is the Friendship Circle’s relationship to the Chabad of Southern Nevada?

The Friendship Circle is a separate 501c3 nonprofit and nonsectarian organization, that is an affiliate of Chabad of Southern Nevada. The Friendship Circle provides services to families and children of all denominations, and 80% of the children we serve are non-secular, drawing from all race and religion in our community.